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200% ATS Festival 2022

200% ATS “The Realm of Props” Festival 2022 I’m extremely happy and honoured to be part of this new edition of 200% ATS Festival “The Realm of Props”. I’ll be sharing a little presentation about Sword and we’ll be dancing in flow non-stop!! Also, I’ll perform a soloist on the Hafla Show! So, don’t miss …

NEW!! Balkan Course

BALKAN COURSE Hello dancers! I’m extremely happy to tell you that I have just released my New course about the Balkans ✨ You can take a look here 👇 The course is all pre recorded and it is available as private videos on my Youtube channel. You can get more information about how this …

Mosaic Magazine

MOSAIC ARABIC DANCE NETWORK Hi friends and students from around the world!! It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a Blog entry in english so here I am again!  I’m so happy to share with you that I wrote an article in this wonderful magazine: MOSAIC MAGAZINE. Mosaic is a volunteer organisation …

Shedriel® Style

Shedriel® te ofrece un amplio estudio y completa formación en danzas Árabes, estilo Tribal, FCBD® Style, danzas gitanas y danzas centro asiáticas. Comienza tu formación integral y profesional ahora mismo de la mano de Shedriel®