Bellydance Fusion with Shedriel in LA Bellydance Academy

I’m so happy to invite you to my  online workshop this saturday!! Contact labellydanceacademy to sign up! It will be my 1st live Zoom workshop in L.A, USA and I’m extremely anxious!!

Belly Dance Fusion

Tribal Fusion Style – Technique Class with Shedriel

* In this 90-min live belly dance fusion workshop, participating dancers will be introduced to a variety of Tribal Fusion dance techniques, including bellyrolls and tummy flutter.  Dancers will also get the opportunity to learn a different beginner-level dance combinations signature of Shedriel® Tribal Style. In addition, your instructor Shedriel will use several different songs during the belly dance workshop to focus on musicality for the dancers.

Shedriel has three goals for your time together. First is to introduce the students to a new belly dance style. This style is referred to as Tribal dance or Tribal fusion. Next, she wished to demonstrate how students can use the belly dance techniques they already know and combine them with new movement styles to create Fusion Belly dance. And lastly is to teach the technique of bellyroll and flutter.

Register here !!

You can also check the FB event and the Fan page on Facebook

See you tomorrow!!!!!

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