Online Classes 2021

Online Classes in English 2021

Hi beautiful dancers 😙

Here I want to share with you all my Online pre recorded classes that are available in english. You can purchase these classes at any time and watch them as many times as you prefer since you have unlimited access to them! Yaaaay!! 🎉 

Send me an e-mail to: to receive more information about the way that you can have access to the classes and the payment methods as well. 


1) Romany/Gypsy Fusion Choreography by Shedriel®: This choreography class was taken by more than 20 students from USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. You’ll be learning a lot of Skirt work influenced by FCBD® Style, Tamarind Bellydance and Russka Roma. You can watch it here👇


2) Fan Veils Technique by Shedriel®Fan Veils are one of my favourite props! In this class, I’ll be sharing some basic Argentinian Bellydance Style technique to used it with your Fan Veils. You can take a look here and here to some of my performances with this lovely prop!

3) Flamenco Oriental by Shedriel®: I love Flamenco SO much!!! In this class, I’ll be sharing some technique together with a choreography. Here you have an exclusive short excerpt.

4) Veil Technique by Shedriel®: In this class, we’ll be working with some basic and intermediate Argentinian Bellydance style veil technique. You can take a look here and here to some of my performances with this prop!

5) Tango Oriental by Shedriel®: ¿Milongueamos? This is one of my favourite topics to teach! If you really want to refresh your repertoire, try this fusion! You can check my performance in Belgium in 2019 here 👇

6) Fusion Bellydance with Sword by Shedriel®Do you believe me if I tell you that I LOVE dancing with Sword SO MUCH!!! In this class, we’ll be focusing on technique – some challenging tricks! – floorwork and a short choreography. You can watch one of my soloists here and one of my Troup Cybelle’s performances here.

7) Bellyroll and Flutter technique by Shedriel®: This is another of my FAVOURITE topics EVER!!! I’ve taught not only workshops but also I’ve trained privately many dancers from USA, Lebanon and Spain. Get this Bellyroll & Flutter must-have guide NOW!

Do you know that you can have access to my 90 min workshop that I taught in ? Read my Blog entrance and register right now on LA Bellydance Academy so you can enjoy my workshop! 

8 & 9) FCBD Style Slow Technique with Sword and FCBD Style Slow Drills & Transitions with Sword by Shedriel®In these classes, we’ll be working with FCBD® Style technique, and drills & transitions with Sword. I learned this from my teacher Kae Montgomery – Check her website and all her AMAZING classes!!

Do you know that I have a complete course of FCBD® Style with Sword that you can take in ? Check it here.

10) Vintage Bellydance / Pin Up Style / Charleston and Jazz Era by Shedriel®: I’m so IN LOVE with the Roaring 20’s!! In this class, we’ll be playing with different songs from the amazing band Post Modern Jukebox – if you don’t know them, please listen to them here! Take a look at this Troup Cybelle’s Pin Up combination , this Troup Cybelle’s Jazz Era presentation , my Virtual Performance for the Mojo Flow Festival – take a look at their Website!! – , and my virtual performance in Spain 👇

11) Flamenco Fusion Choreography “Naci en el Alamo” by Shedriel®: My 2nd Flamenco class is ready for you to purchase it! You can take a look at my performance of the song that we’ll be working in class in the Online Show “Together we Dance” from December 2020 here.


💃Skirt and Fan 

💃Skirt and Tambourine 

💃Fan Veils Tamarind Bellydance

💃Romany/Gypsy Fusion Style 2nd Choreography


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