My 1st Trip: Indonesia

3 years ago I experienced the most important journey of all my life: I travelled to Yakarta, Indonesia to work for 1 month and I was amazed by the lovely dancers and people that I met in that land so far away from where I live. I found in another continent, in West Java, a family.

Having fun after rehearsal with some of the amazing cast of Swan Lake Bellydance: Desi (the creator), Berti (the producer), Arsi, Lorna, Uchi, Ery and Tara.

Sometimes we aren’t aware of the importance of our decisions – one “yes” or “no” can mean that you’re ready to jump into the pool and let yourself go with the flow, or can mean that you close a door because of fear and comfort. Please, don’t ever think of closing a door in your life because of fear and because you feel comfortable staying at your place. Otherwise, you’ll be missing a huge opportunity to grow as a person and dancer.

Ciputat, Indonesia – August / September 2017

Dancers, human beings are made for travelling and experiencing things, words in different languages – makasih / terima kasih / makan are some of the few words that I could learn from the bahasa language – food, laughter, smell and enjoy the prettiest and little things that life brings to us in the perfect moment.

All this was possible thanks to the creator and organizer: Desi Ardy, you can learn more about her dancing here. And also, thanks to the producer: Berti Maylinda. These 2 women were in charge of every detail to make me feel like home. I already miss you A LOT !!

With Desi and Berti , my dance sisters from Indonesia
Rice fields on my way to Bandung, Indonesia
Tea fields in Puncak, Indonesia
Workshops, performance and theatrical dance play in Indonesia

I had the honour to teach for first time my Shedriel® Style and SheDrills® to an amazing group of dancers who shared their life stories with me and also make me cry with all the gifts and love that I received for my work, art form and dance.

Shedriel Workshops in Depok, Indonesia

You can take a look at the Facebook event and also at this video of my Youtube channel where you can watch all the amazing and hardworking dancers that learned more than 4 hours of dance with me.

After workshops, they danced for me and we shared a lovely welcome party together. You can watch my performances here and here.

Shedriel in the Bellydance Welcome Party in Depok, Indonesia
After show

Besides, I was in charge of creating from scratch the evil character of Swan Lake Bellydance theatrical dance play: the Witch “Von Rothbart”. It was such a challenging creative process!! I spent almost 5 months rehearsing on my own until I travelled and arrived to Yakarta to start with the final rehearsals just 1 month before the play. You can check this newspaper note.

Swan Lake Bellydance flyer
Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
Shedriel performing The Witch Von Rothbar
The Queen – which is my mum – and The Witch after show
Getting to know another culture

One of the most special discoveries of my trip to Indonesia was experiencing,  learning and getting to know in depth the Islam. Nowadays, I keep studying and reading about it since it has really caught my attention from the very first moment that I put one foot to climb the stairs in Istiqlal Mosque.

Visiting and praying in the Istiqlal Mosque
Wearing Desi’s hijab




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Desi Ardy
Desi Ardy
3 years ago

Oh My God! All the memories suddenly appears at the same time I read this. I feel honored with the way you remember me and anybody else. Gracias, mi hermana. ¡Te quiero! ❤️